Our company was founded in March 2002, but our experience gets back to 1996 in selected activities. We have a clear target since the very beginning - offer quality products and corresponding support services. Among our customers we serve consumers, government, schools, small businesses, corporate clients. We are active in the fields listed below.

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There are many segments in the printing industry. We serve customers from flexography and letterpress. Our assortment includes printing inks, photopolymer plates, flexo washout solvents, UV lamps, self-adhesive tapes, adhesives etc. We sell machines and provide service.

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We offer wide range of solvent reclaiming units. We are the largest solution provider of specialized distillation systems in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We also offer solvent recycling as an external service for our customers, who cannot recycle in-house. We sell different types of solvents.

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MikroShop.cz is a specialized on-line store selling magnifiers, microscopes, measuring systems, binoculars, telescopes and anti-static products. We supply all industry, schools, research labs and naturally also consumers for their hobby related needs.

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KEY-BAK self-retracting key reels and retractors. For professionals who need secure access to keys, ID badges, devices and tools. Today, more than 65 years after the first KEY-BAK was produced, millions are in use worldwide in more than 20 different professions.

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